CiCAC Press is an innovative, progressive, and author-driven publishing company set up and designed to deliver high-quality books at a reasonable cost to readers while providing creators with a maximum royalty share.

Our publishing aesthetic is to provide exceptional literature and radical critical work to targetted audiences in both print and electronic formats. We believe that there is a large and growing readership for this type of material and we intend to provide this demographic with the material they seek.

Traditionally, publishers contend with a high overhead – salaries for editors and staff, promotional costs, distributor and bookseller fees, and printing/storage charges – by keeping author royalties low and list prices high, and still often requiring grants and subsidies to break even, particularly on niche literary titles that don’t offer high returns.

At CiCAC, we are re-imagining and inverting this paradigm. By using low-cost print-on-demand services, we reduce printing bills and eliminate storage costs. By operating through existing infrastructural supports such as the Canada Research Chairs program and Thompson Rivers University, we keep our overhead costs to a minimum. This allows us, first, to keep the list price down to approximately half a normal retail cost, and second, to turn over nearly half of those revenues to authors and creators. Put simply, instead of a standard 10 per cent of list or less, our authors receive an average of 50 per cent. We also minimize promotion and distribution costs using a direct delivery system and, more importantly, providing opportunities for our authors to acquire larger numbers of books to distribute through their own networks.

CiCAC Press
Centre for innovation in Culture and the Arts in Canada
Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC
V2C 0C8

General contact: Ashok Mathur, Director, CiCAC


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