CiCAC Press publishes creative and critical full-length books in both hardcopy and electronic formats.

Our focus is on progressive, innovative, and creative approaches, and we tend to publish alternative work that is unlikely to be seen in mainstream lists. We are interested in radical ideas and exciting models of presentation.

We also propose an alternative publishing model where our authors take a lead role in production and distribution, sharing the benefits and workloads of traditional publishers. This means our print runs start low and that the bulk of our sales are derived through personal approaches and social media. Although we support independent booksellers, we do not use a distributer so our books tend not to be on the shelves, made available instead through personal contact and virtual sites.

Before submitting, authors who are interested in our process should be aware that CiCAC Press is a substantially different process than other mainstream, medium, and small presses. All interest should take the form of a substantial letter of query, describing the nature of the work, your publishing and related history, and how this fits into the mandate of CiCAC Press. Please do not send manuscripts or samples until you have submitted this initial letter of inquiry.

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